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What is Keto Xtra? 

Keto Xtra is an exogenous ketone supplement which puts you into ketosis within 15-20 minutes - and keeps you there (even if you slip up and eat the occasional high carb meal!)

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Keto Xtra allows you to safely and quickly (within minutes) experience the following benefits:  

  • Induce effortless ketosis within 15-20 minutes
  • Boost fat metabolism
  • Avoid or eliminate the Keto-Flu
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Increase energy
  • Increase Mental Clarity & Focus

What Exactly Makes Keto Xtra So Much Better Than All The Other Exogenous Ketones On The Market?


Keto Xtra is made with the latest “goBHB” Formula and combined with FDA approved Raw Sucralose Powder.

This powder is 600 times sweeter than sugar so you won’t be able to tell you’re drinking a BHB supplement - which means you can say goodbye to the horrible aftertaste (and smell) that comes with almost every other exogenous ketone on the market today! 


          Keto Xtra is made with only high-quality, researched backed ingredients and contains ZERO Carbs, sugars, gums, fillers or stimulants.

          Keto Xtra is 100% Keto Friendly and is flavored with raw sucralose which is FDA approved, does not have hidden carbs like Splenda which contains the bulking agent Maltodextrin, and does not spike blood sugar levels.

          Keto Xtra was formulated with the help of top Keto Product development companies, nutrition experts and researched for months before production


          What to expect from Kashmir Nutrition's Keto Xtra Ketone Supplement?


          If you’ve been following the Keto Diet, you already know Ketosis is the entire purpose of Keto because once you’re at this stage your unwanted fat melts away with ease. 

          Ketosis is a metabolic process that gets triggered when you lower your carbs and increase your fat intake.

          But most people can't get into ketosis even after weeks of the diet because the classic ketogenic diet is too demanding. Keto Xtra is the secret weapon you need to getting and staying in ketosis with your busy schedule.

          Who's it for? 


          Our special Ketone blend is ideal for those who are living the Ketogenic lifestyle but you don’t have to be a Keto dieter to benefit from Keto Xtra. Low carbohydrate dieters, those who are looking for an Xtra edge in athletic performance or nutrition conscientious people can all experience the benefits


          How to use?


          • With Cold Water - Ice Optional
          • On-the-go Shakes
          • With Iced Coffee

          When to Use?


          • In the morning, to transition into fat burning mode
          • On an empty stomach for peak mental clarity, focus, and productivity
          • As a pre-workout for sustained energy during endurance workouts or lifting sessions
          • After a high carb meal to get back into ketosis

          If you’re ready to try the new and easy way to do Keto, then go ahead and get started with Keto Xtra today!

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