Free shipping anywhere in the Continental United States!
Free shipping anywhere in the Continental United States!


1. What is Keto Xtra?
Keto Xtra is an exogenous ketone supplement which puts you into ketosis within 15-20 minutes - and keeps you there (even if you slip up and eat the occasional high carb meal!). It is made with the latest “goBHB™” Formula and combined with FDA approved Raw Sucralose Powder (NOT Splenda which contains Maltodextrin). This powder is 600 times sweeter than sugar so you won’t be able to tell you’re drinking a BHB supplement (which means no more terrible aftertaste) - making Keto Xtra the best tasting (and fast-working) ketone EVER made!
2. Is the raw Sucralose keto-friendly?
We live the Keto lifestyle ourselves so we wanted to make sure that raw Sucralose was Keto-Friendly. 
We partnered with the top Keto product development companies, consulted with nutrition experts and researched for months before we started production. 
Through active testing, we were able to confirm that raw Sucralose is FDA approved, does not have hidden carbs like Splenda which contains the bulking agent Maltodextrin, and does not spike blood sugar levels.
3. What are the benefits of Keto Xtra?
  • Induce effortless ketosis within 15-20 minutes: You no longer have to wait days (or weeks) to get into Ketosis while eating Ketogenic - Keto Xtra elevates blood ketones in just minutes (even after you eat a cheat meal)! 
  • Boost fat metabolism: When combined with exercise, this BHB ketone blend contributes to your weight loss goals by suppressing your appetite and stimulating a metabolic shift away from carbohydrate dependence. It serves as an alternative fuel source to help you shed fat and ditch the carbs!
  • Avoid or eliminate the Keto-Flu: Say goodbye to the Keto Flu. A scoop of Keto Xtra is enough to induce Deep Ketosis and get rid of all the symptoms of “Glucose-Burning Mode”.
  • Suppress your appetite: So you can finally stop giving into those stubborn cravings for carbs and lose as much weight as you want with Keto.
  •  Increase energy: Allowing you to workout with greater intensity in the gym and/or enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Reverse Metabolic Inflexibility: You’ll experience the opposite effects of Metabolic Inflexibility and go back to feeling normal and more alive. Instead of tired and groggy, you’ll feel an energy boost in the morning, plus throughout the day. Not to mention a severe increase in mental clarity and focus.
  • And, of course, all the other amazing benefits that come along with exogenous ketones, which include: improvement in mental performance, fight oxidative stress, optimize heart function and prevent bone deterioration.
4. Why do I need to take Keto Xtra?
Your body needs ketones to start burning fat for energy (and help you torch away your unwanted fat). Problem is the liver only starts producing ketones once you are in Ketosis. Since you are currently not in Ketosis, you can use Keto Xtra to supply your body with exogenous ketones which will help push you into Ketosis and keep you there - allowing you to burn away your unwanted fat quickly and easily. 
5. How quickly will Keto Xtra push me into Deep Ketosis?
In just 15-20 minutes!

6. How often should I take Keto Xtra?
We recommend taking one daily scoop of Keto Xtra alongside 12-16 fl oz of water or your favorite zero calorie drink.
7. Can I stay in deep ketosis with Keto Xtra even after I eat the occasional cheat meal?
Yes, the beauty of Keto Xtra is it makes Keto easier and stress-free. No longer do you have to worry about the occasional cheat meal kicking you out of Ketosis. Instead, you can stay in Ketosis - even after you eat a high carb meal every now and then.
8. How quickly will I receive Keto Xtra?
3 to 5 business days.
9. Do you guys provide any guarantees?
Yes! We provide an unbelievable Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee which means you can try Keto Xtra entirely risk-free. If you don't like it for any reason, simply contact us and we'll refund you no questions asked.